Below is a list of all RRCF funds accepting donations. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 425-282-5199 or email We welcome contributions by credit card, check or grants through other foundations; send to Renton Regional Community Foundation, PO Box 820, Renton, WA 98057. Thank you for your generosity!

Donate To A Fund

Renton Regional Community Foundation General Support
  Donate Renton Regional Community Foundation
Supports the programs, services, and growth of Renton Regional Community Foundation.
RRCF Funds
  Donate CARE Together Fund (Formerly COVID-19 Response Fund)
The CARE Together Fund (Communities Aligned for Racial Equity, formerly The COVID-19 Response Fund) provides flexible financial support to organizations in South King County working with some of the most vulnerable communities who are disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus.
  Donate Circle of Giving Fund
$1,000 gift to contribute to yearly Circle of Giving granting. Funds are pooled in this account and once voted on, are distributed from here.
  Donate Community Benefit Fund
This fund was started by the RRCF Board to provide a means to accept un-designated money that can be used at the board’s discretion to meet emerging needs in the community.
Donor Advised Funds
  Donate Aaron Adair Memorial Fund
The purpose of the Adair Fund is for the general benefit of the community, with a priority of drug and alcohol recovery.
  Donate Andee Jorgensen Community Fund
Established in memory of Andee Jorgensen, a long-time Rotarian and community supporter, this fund supports a variety of important needs in the community.
  Donate Bergquist Family Fund
Established by the Bergquist Family for the general benefit of the community.
  Donate Beth Donofrio Memorial Fund
Established in memory of Beth Donofrio, a long time Soroptimist. This fund focuses primarily on supporting women, children and families in the Greater Renton and South King County communities through Renton Soroptimist.
  Donate Charles L. Custer Fund - Historical Society
Supports programs and services of the Renton Historical Society and the Renton Historical Museum.
  Donate Charles L. Custer Fund - Parks and Recreation
Supports programs and services of the Renton Parks and Recreation Department.
  Donate Cugini Family Fund
Provides merit-based scholarships to young women.
  Donate Dolores Gibbons Scholarship Fund
Supports educational purposes beyond high school for any graduate of a Renton high school.
  Donate Eda & Teresa Pozzobon Fund
Supports immigrant women and children in the Greater Renton area who are learning to read/write/speak English and/or are working toward legal citizenship. Priority to Renton residents.
  Donate Felomena's Grace Fund
This scholarship was established in 2018 for the purpose of furthering the education and overall development of a student who has lost a parent.
  Donate Harper Engineering Children's Need Fund
Supports children through grants to Communities in Schools of Renton, the Renton Kiwanis Clothes Bank, and the Renton School District.
  Donate Jeremy Gidlund Memorial Scholarship
Provides scholarships for special needs students in the Renton and Olympia School Districts.
  Donate John & Petra Hansen Fund
Supports a variety of community organizations and causes.
  Donate Joy Poff Fund for Education and Families
Helps to improve the quality of education within the Renton School District and for families of students attending Renton schools.
  Donate Kohlwes College Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships for graduates of the Renton School District and for students attending grad school.
  Donate Medzegian Family Philanthropic Fund
Supports charitable organizations and causes in the greater Renton area.
  Donate Padgett Fund
Provides support for human service agencies in the Puget Sound area.
  Donate Parker Family Memorial Fund
Funds are used to support scholarships for students attending Renton Technical College and the appliance repair program.
  Donate Randall Rockhill Student Instrument Music Fund
This Fund supports students in instrumental music programs in the Renton Public School District.
  Donate Reeder Family Fund
Supports general education and music education and performance for people of all ages in Renton and the greater community.
  Donate Renton Schools Graduate & Educator Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarship money for current, new teachers within the Renton School District pursuing post-graduate work and graduating seniors.
  Donate Richard Baima Bisiack Fund
Established in memory of Richard Bisiack. This fund is a general benefit fund, as well as a scholarship fund for community college and/or trade school students or undergraduate students pursuing a degree in business, marketing or communications.
  Donate Robert and Mary Cugini Charitable Fund
Funds are used for the general benefit of the community.
  Donate Roger & Marlene Winter Fund
Funds are used for the general benefit of the community.
  Donate Sam Chastain Scholarship Fund
Established in memory of Sam Chastain. This fund provides recreational opportunities to low and moderate income youth and families who live within the city limits of Renton or in the Renton School District boundaries.
  Donate Searing Family Fund
Established by Tim & Kimberly Searing, this fund is used to support Saint Anthony's School, Renton School District Elementary Education and the City of Renton Parks and Recreation Department.
  Donate Steve & Marcie Maxwell Family Fund
Established by Steve & Marcie Maxwell to support the needs of children, parents and families throughout the region.
  Donate Wallace Family Scholarship Fund
Supports students from Hazen or Renton High Schools who are LBGTQ, interested in STEM programs, and demonstrate financial need.
Fiscal Sponsorship Funds
  Donate EmpowerWOC Project Fund
The EmpowerWOC Project prioritizes the wellness of women of color, empowering them to be at their best. Their mission is to provide inclusive, safe spaces for self-identifying women of color to experience healing through various offerings.
  Donate Renton LGBTQIA+ Community Fund
Builds a strong inclusive sense of belonging, empowering members to promote positive change in our communities, combating prejudice and discrimination, and providing support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and similarly-identified people.
  Donate Renton's Unleashed Furry Friends (RUFF) Fund
Helps to maintain Renton's first off-leash dog park. Provides funding for microchipping pets of Renton residents.
  Donate Sister City Fund-City of Renton
Used to benefit any and all activities of the Sister City Committee for our sister cities in Japan and Mexico.
Scholarship and Designated Funds
  Donate Betty Jacobsen Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships to individuals who have attended St. Anthony School (Renton), John F. Kennedy High School (Burien), or Eastside Catholic High School (Bellevue). Through this scholarship fund, Mrs. Jacobsen's intention, who was herself not college educated, was to make a positive difference in students' educational opportunities. It is hoped that by receiving these gifts, each student will improve their life and in turn give back to the community in which they live.
  Donate Carl and Betty Rochet Scholarship Fund
Scholarship to assist young people pursuing careers in the communications field.
  Donate City of SeaTac Senior Program Fund
This fund was established by the City of SeaTac as a result of a bequest and will benefit the city’s senior programs.
  Donate Environmental Science Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships to a Renton School District high school student to pursue the Environmental Science area of study at an institution of higher learning.
  Donate Family First Community Center Fund
This fund accepts and manages donations made to construct and maintain the Family First Center in Renton.
  Donate Harry & Janet Blencoe Scholarship Fund
This fund will provide scholarships specifically for students attending Renton Technical College.
  Donate Helen Dyrdal Memorial Scholarship Fund
Provides academic scholarships to college and graduate students and those pursuing careers through certificate or trade programs.
  Donate Ikea Performing Arts Center Community Support Fund
Helps fund ongoing operations and improvements at the Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center.
  Donate Irene Olson Memorial Scholarship Fund
This scholarship honors the life and work of Irene Olson, who served as principal of Tiffany Park Elementary School from 2005 to 2017. The annual scholarship will provide $500 of college support for a future educator. Any junior or senior attending a high school in the Renton School District who is interested in a career in education will be eligible to apply.
  Donate Norma Denzer Cugini Arts Fund
Supports the Renton Annual Art Show with an annual operating and awards grant.
  Donate Osborn Consulting Scholarship Fund
This scholarship is for one ambitious BIPOC student with demonstrated financial need who is or will be pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree at an accredited program in landscape architecture or civil engineering, who has demonstrated a commitment to developing public infrastructure and/or public places in the state of Washington. The intention of the scholarship is to create opportunities for those who have faced historic barriers to access to these professions in the United States. The scholarship founders believe that the design challenges of the 21st century require diverse voices to solve. They look forward to the stronger design solutions to which future scholarship recipients will contribute. Scholarship applicants must demonstrate the grit, resiliency and aptitude that is necessary for success in these professions. This may be demonstrated by any combination of at least (2) of the following characteristics:

· Overcame a significant personal challenge to maintain at least a B average

· Honor roll grade point average

· Demonstrated ability to juggle multiple responsibilities

· Demonstrated service contributions to their community

  Donate Renton Innovation Zone Partnership (RIZP) Innovation Fund
Funds will be used to support the operations and launch of the Skyway Resource Center renovation project, helping meet the basic needs of students and families in the Renton Innovation Zone.
  Donate Renton Kiwanis Clothes Bank Fund
Provides support to the Renton Kiwanis Clothes Bank for operations and programming.
  Donate Renton Regional Fire Authority Fund
For goods and services to support the mission, vision and values of the Renton Regional Fire Authority: “working to make our community safer, healthier, and stronger.”
  Donate Renton Senior Center Fund
Supports the volunteers at the Renton Senior Center.
  Donate Skyway Fund
The Skyway Fund will support a multitude of community-led efforts, needs, and projects in Skyway, including but not limited to affordable housing, economic development, youth and family programs and services, a Skyway multi-service community center, health and wellness, and more. We appreciate each donation made in support of the Skyway families impacted by the December 2020 Greentree Apartment Fire. All funds raised by 1/6/2021 have been directly dispersed to the families. Any donations made after 1/7/2021 will be directed to the Skyway Fund. Thank you!
  Donate Sue Carlson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Provides academic scholarships to women living in Renton who are graduating high school and display a strong, entrepreneurial spirit.
Field of Interest Funds
  Donate Bill Boehlke Character Field of Interest Fund
This fund honors a person who has made significant contributions to the sport of football (excluding players and coaches) and provides scholarships to high school seniors in the state of Washington who are pursuing a career in digital communications.
  Donate Budkis Charbonneau Fund for Senior Emergency Pet Care
Provides support for emergency pet care to low-income senior citizens.
  Donate King County Employee Giving Campaign Mutual Assistance
This short term Fund is dedicated to providing assistance to former and current employees of King County impacted directly or indirectly by the COVID-19 health emergency.
Agency Funds
  Donate Allied Arts Fund
Used to encourage the arts in the greater Renton area. Also provides scholarships for Renton high school students.
  Donate Communities in Schools of Renton Fund
Works to connect needed community resources with schools in order to help young people successfully learn, stay in school and prepare for life.
  Donate Frank Raphael Scholarship Fund
Established in honor of Frank Raphael, who owned Service Linen and was a long-time member of Renton Rotary. This fund awards scholarships to any graduate from a Renton high school.
  Donate Key to Change Empowering Youth for Change Fund
This fund supports Key To Change including; scholarships, maintaining the instrument library and sustaining Key to Change's programming and growth.
  Donate Lindbergh High School Memorial Scholarship
Established to help develop additional resources to support scholarships for Lindbergh High School graduating seniors.
  Donate Renton River Days Fund
Supports educational cultural programs of the Renton River Days Festival.
  Donate Renton Rotary Foundation Fund
Helps the Rotary Club of Renton support worthwhile charities in the Greater Renton area.
  Donate Renton Rotary ROTACARE Fund
Supports operations of the Renton Rotary RotaCare free healthcare clinic held in Renton.
  Donate Renton Schools Foundation
Partners with the Renton School District to enhance learning opportunities for 15,000 + students in the areas of STEM, Music & Arts, Literacy and Teacher Grants.
  Donate Renton Technical College Foundation Fund
Supports students and higher education programs of the Renton Technical College.
  Donate Rudolph Bundas Memorial Fund
Supports artistic excellence and arts scholarships.
  Donate St. Matthews Lutheran Church Fund
Supports community charities and programs at St. Matthews Lutheran Church.
  Donate Valley Medical Center Fund
Supports programs and activities that advance the mission of Valley Medical Center and its clinic network.
  Donate Vision House Fund
Supports transitional housing for the homeless through Vision House.
Other Funds